The building blocks that led to the establishment of was the artist's, R. D. Simmons, lifelong discovery of her artistic gifts and talents.  Her first memorable artistic discovery was in the sixth grade; age 11.  It was a school contest where she won a blue ribbon for a charcoal drawing of a stick figure playing a cello.  Not only did she win a blue ribbon, but the art contest organizer asked if she could have her art piece.  This art contest is where she realized that her art has value and meaning to others. 

This drawing was saved by her mother and is now the logo you see above. 

R. D. Simmons states that her creative skills are the "sum total" of her lifelong exposer to the interior/exterior designs created by family members, close observation of art pieces found in museums and galleries throughout the world, education in the field of Interior Design, Child Development/Family Dynamics/Psychology of Color and the beauty of nature seen while growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. 

All now coming together to create contemporary works of art that reflect Balance.